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Going green with recycled buildings & materials.

Our ancesters were recycling long before we gave it a title. They used all materials they had and often purchased or were given parts of buildings from adjacent properties or structures. As we are dismantling we will often see evidence of another building that has been integrated into the original structure. This often came from necessity as a family grew thus so did the house or cabin. Sometimes structural changes came as new residents took ownership and they wished to update to the latest style. No matter the circumstance these houses are great examples of how people lived “green” and in doing so left us a nice piece of history.

What We Offer

Hand hewn log cabin wall image.

Laminate Log Walls or Individual Logs For Sale

Have you ever looked at a wall in your basement or spare room and wished it could look like a hand hewn log cabin? Well look no further, we fabricate 1" and 2" hewn log walls that can be secured to your wall Modern joists can be boxed in so even the most drab room will be transformed. Original logs and new hewn. Pine, Douglas Fir, Oak. Aged or fresh hewn look. All you add is the chinking and we can even help with that. Logs start at $5 a foot. Corner timbers available. All logs are treated.

Cap stone in yard image
Cap stone for sale image

Cap Stone For Sale

30 pieces.

Timber frame image.

Hand Hewn timber sections

This is a newly hewn face on a 150yr old timber. A section that is going into a timber frame. Our client is looking to stain, and have wrought iron bands on the ends. Special order prices available.

The Lewistown House ~

SOLD! Check back for other cabins!

Due to a serious car accident the owner is trying to sell this fabulous hand hewn all oak cabin with large logs and large footprint. The people who had committed to buying it backed out, so it’s a great opportunity to own this approximately 24 X 34 structure. Two replacement logs off back are included in the price. One full floor of hand planed and beaded floor joists are also included, Original rafters are included, One full floor of wide flooring. This cabin has been taken down, treated and stored.

Oak Cabin Lewistown, PA Image
Oak Cabin Lewistown, PA 2 Image

Cost: $35,000 Price reduction!

Additional Photos and Drawings available.

Super Early Log Cabin, circa 1840 ~

SOLD! Check back for other cabins!

A wonderful early hemlock cabin from south central PA. This beautifully hand hewn home is 32 X 28 and full two stories.

Land deeds show it was built around 1830’s. Tract in family since 1700’s. All original floors, two fireplaces, joists, rafters etc. Not too many left of this caliber. Cabin still standing (September 2015) and available to walk through.

Early hemlock cabin image.
Early hemlock cabin 2 image.

Cost: $28,000 F.O.B.

14 X 16 hand hewn cabin ~

SOLD! Check back for other cabins!

Shown is a cute little 14 X 16 hand hewn cabin repurposed from 150 year old Ponderosa pine beams. The 9-12 pitch roof (picture shows pitch) allows for a half loft and if you wanted you could add a small addition off the back to hold your modern conveniences. Great for a hunting cabin, lake cabin, an addition onto your home or out building. Includes: Hewn logs, rafters, floor joists.

Frankstown hand hewn cabin image

Cost: $9,200 F.O.B.

Other Materials such as beams, stone and interior walls are also available for sale.

SOLD! Check back for other materials!

4000 square feet of natural red spanish clay tile.  Recently taken from a 1900’s mansion slated to be demolished.  Ridge caps, ends, tiles on pallets ready to ship.  (Around 30 square).

Frankstown Demo Materials Image

We Provide Quality Recycled Materials

Contact us for current recycled materials and buildings available for sale.

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